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Underground Service Locating, Perth WA

WSL use the leading electromagnetic cable locating instruments along with  dual frequency ground penetrating radar to give us the capability to offer the locating services for your projects as below:

Underground Service & Asset Locating, including:


  • Water Pipes - cast iron, PVC, glass reinforced plastic, steel and copper
  • Stormwater drains - reinforced concrete, PVC, steel and vitrified clay
  • Sewer pipes & septic tanks - PVC, Vitrified clay, reinforced concrete and cast iron.
  • Gas Piping - include polyethylene, nylon and coated or cathodically protected steel
  • Power Cables & Wires
  • Telecommunication cables - copper wires and fibre optics
  • Void Detection and Location   
  • Underground Storage Tank Locating - Location of fuel tanks on service stations (Petrol stations)
  • Landfill mapping     
  • Location of underground buried objects (E.g. waste storage drums) 
We locate, identify and survey - underground utilities and assets in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 5488 - 2013 SUI (Subsurface utility information).


 The Four P's of Excavation (plus Locate!)


There is an easy way to ensure you take all of the right steps in making your excavation project a success. Just follow the 4 P’s of Excavation:




Plan your job. Use the Dial Before You Dig service at least two business days before your job is due to begin to ensure you have the correct information you need to carry out a safe project.


Locate: Email or Call us




Potholing (hand digging) is a method to assist in establishing the exact location of all underground infrastructure.




Protecting and supporting the exposed infrastructure is the responsibility of the excavator. Always erect safety barriers in areas at risk to protect underground networks.




BUT only when you have planned, potholed and put the protective measures in place.

More info at DBYD 'Best Practice Guide'